I get many of my ideas while I’m sleeping (believe it or not), antiquing, at the Atlanta and High Point markets, and even when visiting friends.  Nature, clothing, textiles, rugs, original artwork and random objects are also inspiring.  Sometimes a design comes together during an old movie that I am watching.   I know it is hard to believe that relaxation would bring ideas, but sometimes I sit straight up in bed with a brainstorm for an artisan wall finish or maybe a nursery theme that I am working on for a client.  All of my startling ideas flow right into the décor for home furnishings, window treatments and accessories.

Creative design brings out the best in me.  Without it, I am totally lost.  I get many of my ideas when I least expect them.


Inspiring Colors and ShapesInspired by TranquilityRelaxing Master Bath!






Rug Patterns Faux Finish