While visiting my daughter in Chapel Hill recently, I observed my three-year-old granddaughter’s imagination. She pretends all day long. She creates spaces for all her animals and dolls to live. Feeds them, nurtures them, and plays with her dollhouse imagining a day in a household. She is copying her mother. She moves the furniture around and the little people dolls accordingly. It is so much fun to reminisce about what I used to do as a child. Imaginative minds are what make the world so beautiful. Whether the imaginative mind creates art, music, or a house, it all begins with imagination and inspiration. When I am with her, I certainly encourage her to be creative and so does her mom. My daughter has sidewalk chalk available when we are outside and all the tools she needs inside. My reason for writing about my grandchild is because it is important to notice that children start as early as three developing their interests. Our children are the future and for me, I love enjoying my grandchild’s interests. It does not end with three-year-olds, it also begins with students applying for internships with us. We offer internships from the surrounding colleges for students who are getting their interior design degrees. Fabrics, rugs, furniture, and artwork, all must be imagined fitting in the space you have.