Do you feel like you have a case of the blues after Christmas when all the lighting has been removed? Even though Christmas lights and décor made us feel amazing, you might feel your rooms are drab. Take this time to think about changes for the New Year. Lighting will be the first thing on my list. During winter, your home gets less natural light than any other time of year, and this can greatly affect your mood and the appearance of your home. During the holidays, our homes are filled with the ambient light of trees, garlands, and holiday candles. We would all feel more festive throughout the year if we paid as much attention to lighting as we do during the holidays. Accent lighting provides focused interest to a room. This method of lighting can highlight an architectural feature like bookcases or a doorway. LED spotlights produce additional lovely effects. LED lighting has become the hottest trend, especially since it is so energy-efficient. An important note of caution, however, is the spectrum of light for the LED choices. The bulbs and the ceiling’s recessed lighting should coordinate with the spectrum of color. Lumens are an important term for LED lights. We typically recommend 2700K or 3000K warm. It is important to purchase the same color of bulbs (if using LED bulbs), and lighting changes throughout with the same spectrum. Some lighting can be a work of art in and of itself. Aesthetic lighting is still very important with today’s changes to energy-efficient LED choices, such as candle sticks, solid crystal chandeliers, and table lamps. My favorite lighting is the decorative lamps on end tables and bedside nightstands. My personal choice is to use 3-way lighting that is incandescent for those lamps, but there are options for 3-way LED bulbs, as well. My overhead LED recessed lighting is 2700 warm which will match most incandescent bulbs. Electricians like to use 3000 lumens warm which is a brighter light but can go more towards daylight in color. It has become very difficult to find 2700 lumens with recessed options. We are not sure what the shortage is, but it may have to do with the global need. Overall, lighting is a versatile and essential design consideration in any home or business. Lighting makes a huge impact but can be confusing and a technical part of the design. Let one of the designers with June DeLugas Interiors, Inc. “light up your life” and assist you with an updated lighting plan for your home. Visit our retail store and design center to see the stunning lamps pictured in person.