When you are passionate about design and what you love, as most designers are, everything is beautiful to us. Homes may be out of style as the public would think, but there is always something that has substance that we find beauty in. We might take one interesting architectural aspect of a home and build on it. Updating can be as easy as new lighting and paint. I do think changing the lighting can be very beneficial if you are trying to make an impact with changes. We recently changed out a guest bath by painting the existing cabinet, changed out the countertop to quartz, and left the mirror which was a wall mirror. We added a new light and installed it on top of the mirror. This opened the space. The plumbing fixture was changed to gold since we had to change it anyways for the new countertop. These small changes made a great improvement to the bathroom without the major expense of changing the floor and the tub/surround. When you start, sometimes unexpected issues arise with remodeling, but most of the time simple changes are easy. Lighting is one of my favorite accessories to change. I can walk into a home and know what era the lighting in the home came from. My number one favorite color of choice for finishes is gold. Whether modern or traditional, most clients prefer gold. I have a few clients that mix metals, black and gold. Hardware changes in a kitchen or bath will uplift these rooms as well. Make sure you measure the holes if you are changing out the hardware, center to center if it is a pull. There are so many choices and decisions with Incredible Design.