Turn-key kitchens are part of our repertoire.  We love to work with clients to design their space and select the finishes.  Getting to know the family and their lifestyle is helpful to us.  We have a list of questions we start off with.  Who does the cooking?  Is it a combined effort?  When family comes (aunts, uncles, and children), do they like to get involved with the cooking?  More and more people look at their kitchen and realized they like cooking more over the past few years.  I know I did.  As a child, I loved baking cakes and my Mom started giving me authority around twelve years old.  Man, I could make a great chocolate pound cake and chocolate pies.  I was around my grandmother who would take her hand and scoop the flour and sugar into the bowl and back then lard. There were no exact measurements with her, but her cakes turned out fabulous. Unfortunately, it was hard to pass on the legacy of her recipes.  But, her eight children learned to cook just by being around her.  I always thought my grandmother had an incredible kitchen.  It was not the layout, but the smell of what was cooking or what was on the stove that was what we could always count on.  These days incredible kitchens mean more than the layout and the setup for cooking, it is the meeting place for the family and their friends.  At my house, my kitchen is the gathering place for family when they come home.  We have five counter stools and six breakfast chairs.  Plenty of places to sit, not to mention my dining room with eight chairs.  What does an Incredible kitchen mean to you?