Design firms are still talking about the High Point Market because it has been basically one and one-half years since we have been able to see new products in person.  We are a touchy-feely kind of people and like to sit on what we sell and put our eyes on products we are suggesting to clients.  The other side of market that we love is to see are the new fabrics and maybe gleam a look into the crystal ball of what is about to explode.  We are nosy that way.  Here is my take on things.  Although there were many missing vendors at market, traditional is definitely on the way back. Modern takes on fabrics are taken from archives of the past (traditional) but have been made bolder and more are made into larger prints.  But the fact remains, it was once seen a few hundred years ago from our European neighbors and from the United States.  It could have been longer than a few hundred years ago with some of the fabrics from the East that we are seeing.  Thibaut is one of those manufacturers with an entire series of books and patterns of this nature.  Fabricut, Kravet, Schumacher, and Brunswhig & Fils are all great companies that are bringing back the past.  We have the best time putting our spin on things.  Why don’t you indulge your imagination?  Try a new painting in a room to bring that extravagance into play.  Rugs and fabrics go hand in hand with paintings.