We are privy to all kinds of lifestyles. Think about how interesting our lives are designing, remodeling, and implementing projects for clients. Each client has different needs, lifestyles, and tastes. We begin by meeting with our clients sometimes together and sometimes independently. We get their perspectives on the vision they are trying to create. We go to work completing CAD drawings, layout, and sourcing furnishings and if it also involves remodeling, we start on the concept. Once we have the rooms researched and planned, we ask that our clients come into our studio to review the design ideas where they can see photos of the products and colors. A lot of times, we create color renderings so they can review the outcome, especially with remodeling. Most of the time, our clients have waited a long time to build their dream home or remodel the home they decided to keep. They want it to be what they have dreamed about, and a design firm can help them accomplish their dream. There are so many details that can be overwhelming for the client. I get it. Hardware for cabinets, cabinet colors, hood colors, glass or no glass, countertops, backsplash, flooring, and the list goes on and on for the remodeling side of most projects. Normally, our projects also include furnishing the kitchen, breakfast area, and other rooms in the house. It takes work, and I can see why most of our clients do not have time to do the research on their own. They all have busy lives with their work, children, and activities. Lifestyles are important and your time is precious. We get that. We love what we do, and your Homestyle will be at its finest and in good hands.