I will start with a list of ways we get inspiration without knowing it. Surrounding the environment involves color, texture, cooking, travels, outdoors, objects inside the home, and magazine articles with photos. Bringing design to you is what we do in our business or any design business. I sit up in bed when an inspiration comes to me in my sleep, and I write it down, so I do not forget it. You just never know when that one thing will hit you. I am so busy, so I have brought an incredibly talented design team into our Interior Design Studio. We have meetings to discuss our thoughts and the five of us create the most beautiful homes. We implement our designs and make it easy for our clients. We also take care of issues, so our clients do not need to deal with those. Last week I was perusing wallpaper books for my own home and gleamed ideas from those books for clients. They have some of the best designers in the world creating wallpaper designs. Wallpaper inspirations may have come from the past. I don’t ignore the past when producing designs as the past designs always show up eventually. For instance, Mid-Century Modern. Past fabric designs and past furniture designs are worth looking at. We add lighting to most of our projects. We love to change out lighting to update a home. The inspiration for design is there for all of us to see.