Mother’s Day was this past weekend which gives us a clue to what time of year it is.  May is an eventful month for most of us as we go into graduations, weddings, vacations, kids are home for summer and we have summer camps, and for us summer market in Atlanta.    You would not think a design firm would be as busy, but we encourage most to be thinking about timelines if they want a kitchen or bath remodel before Christmas.  It takes time to plan, estimate, and implement.  Product must be ordered early enough to finish the project on a timely basis.  Product can sometimes have delays, which may expand the project in the middle of the process if it does not come in.  Then there is the possibility that it comes in damaged.   Planning is the key to any project and that is what we pride ourselves on.  Product for a bathroom remodel includes CAD drawings (for scale of the room and to get permits), lighting, plumbing (which includes tubs and sinks), cabinets, tile, hardware for towels, hardware for cabinets, mirrors, paint or wallpaper, and finally the shower glass door.   All the above will involve a specialty vendor, electrician, plumber, demolition crew, cabinet maker, installation of the job, tile installer, and painter.  So see, you need to start early to find either a contractor or a design firm to implement your project or find a design firm to help you or turn-key the project for you.  A design firm will help you make decisions which involve all the above for your “fixer upper”.  Home design is essential to the flow of the household.  What is your inspiration for your next home décor project?  Have you thought about it?

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