Blue and White have been around for hundreds of years and are still very popular with designers. They are my very favorite color combination. Over the years, I have collected blue and white. Whether it is fabric, pottery, or porcelain, I love it. You can marry all the colors of the spectrum with blue. Green is a great compatible color with blue. Blues work great with neutrals as well and are a strong contrast. You will find many fabrics that coordinate in the mix with blue and green. I have some old oriental Clarence House fabric pillows with blue, green, deep pink, and white. The fringe on these pillows has the same combination. I typically love what I purchase for many years. I may change things around and transition some new fabrics and abstracts into my décor, but I do not deviate from the objects and furnishings I love. It is easy to get caught up with magazines and the internet with the new looks. Juxtaposing what you have with new is easy to do but figure out what you love first. We help our clients develop a classic, inviting, and pleasing style that we hope will stay with them for

a lifetime. Blue and White Forever.