We use inspiring ideas all the time when we are talking about the work we do. What inspires us to be creative?  What inspires us to select the colors, fabric, art, rugs, and upholstery for one’s home?  For one whole-house project, our client selected a pillow that she loved in our store.  Soft colors of nature and a chinoiserie pattern.  We carried it around with us and landed it in a spot where we could continue work on selections to coordinate with the colors of the pillow.  One color and pattern at a time, we have selected furnishings for just about every room, thereby, not deviating from our original color theme.  You can build other colors but keeping a theme color freely allows the ideas to flow.  Wallpaper, carpet, and furniture continued to roll into the project that our team worked on for several weeks.  The very first thing we did was create a rendering of the foyer and up the stairs showing how to paint wood an off-white to lighten the space, adding a wallpaper mural from the landing to the upstairs wall.  The wallpaper will enlarge and open the space.  When we showed our clients the rendering, they were smitten.  They were able to move forward to start the paint and wallpaper part of their project.  We will continue to design other spaces to flow cohesively.  Inspiring Ideas come from the simplest surroundings, including nature.

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