This is the time of year that we start receiving new fabric samples.  It is Christmas in August for sure for the designing women at June DeLugas Interiors.  We ooh and ah, touch and feel the textures, and start visualizing how we might integrate beautiful fabrics into the next project we are working on.  I’m always looking for the perfect fabric for my own home and you can bet I’m going to take a sample home if I love it.  I love adding pillows to every room for a change of season or just because I love textiles.  My grandmother’s home had the best fabrics in her storage chest for making quilts, which always intrigued me.  For my first child, my son, I decided to make my first quilt after being exposed to the skill for as long as I can remember.  Both my grandmothers had an interest in quilting.  My grandmother on my father’s side had a quilting frame that she would lower from the ceiling so she could quilt a while and then pully it back up when she tired of it.   Learning about stitching from her was fun to me.  All hand stitching.  My mom’s mother had the quilts from her own heritage.  Her mom dyed her own fabrics.  This was so fascinating.  I have at least one quilt from each grandmother.  It is also interesting to see fabrics resurfacing from the past and their colors.  Blues, greens, teals, mauvy pink, burnt orange, olive green, golds, citrines, and more fun textiles from the ’70s are on the horizon.  Think about textiles as interesting creative art, because it is.  Someone at some time created the pattern that you see on those fabrics you love.

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