I often wonder why people want their kitchens to be so Spartan looking.  They don’t have anything on the counters and it feels austere, as if no one lives there.  Just because a kitchen is a functional space doesn’t mean it’s exempt from the recurring ideas from the other rooms.  My Mom always had a small lamp on her kitchen counter which provided ambience when no one was in the kitchen.  I liked the feeling it provided.  Most people don’t consider decorating their space beyond the tile and cabinets.  If you open a cupboard, you might find treasures from past generations that will accent your kitchen nicely.  Looking behind some of my own cabinet doors, I found collectable china from both of my grandmothers and my own mother.  I regard these treasures as objects of beauty to be displayed.  I began to plunder more out of the way places to find other valuable pieces that I thought needed attention.  I do the same thing with clients.  I ask “Do you mind if I look for hidden accessories?”  I have never had anyone yet to turn me down.  Pulling those forgotten treasures out and adding some new streamlined accessories will bring any space up to date.   You can take a quiet area and add a piece of abstract art which might be all it needs.  If you want you can add to the abstract art by infusing custom made pillows that coordinate.  Sometimes, we have the perfect artwork at our store to bring with us when we accessorize.  Sometimes we have to order a special painting.  Whatever art, pillows, lamps, and those unique accessories may be needed, they are so very important.  Freshening up is easy to do.  Creating interesting ideas is also easy to accomplish.   If you are struggling, call a professional to give you a helping hand.