The last week of December is as busy as the whole month of December, but clients are eager to put their homes back together and change out some rooms. Our photos depict what we saw at market this past October. Neutral upholstery continues as the strongest option for sofa choices and chairs, but adding a dash of color on chairs, ottomans, and pillows adds dimension and interest to a room. Bright large paintings will bring life and a unique perspective. Paintings can lean toward modern, abstract, or traditional landscapes. We have about half and half that like these styles, and it remains the same year after year. Art is in the eye of the beholder. We present what we think will work, and it is up to the client. We want to make sure our clients enjoy their homes for a long time. Mixing end tables, pillows, and paintings are easy changes. Upholstery is the fundamental influence for your room. We normally start with the rug, but sometimes it is the fabric. Rugs are a bit harder to find. We go to the rug market several times a year to see what is available and meet with our vendors for presentations and updates at our retail location or by zoom. These days it is quite popular to meet by Zoom. We often order rug samples we think will work with our projects to see the colors in person. We then render the room for presentations and clients love this. Interior Planning for 2022 is a wonderful way to start your New Year.