You may have heard about how “fast fashion” is filling up our landfills and creating consumer awareness. Fast furniture is not the best way to build your home around. The appeal of fast furniture may be that it is cheap and easy to obtain and then abandon. These mass-produced pieces are produced differently and often end up in landfills. It is no surprise that well-crafted furniture made of high-quality materials lasts much longer than poorly constructed bargain pieces.

June DeLugas Interiors believes in the “quality over quantity” ideal. Rather than changing your spaces every time a new trend comes along, invest in high-quality pieces with timeless style. For instance, choose a textured neutral sofa and change out pillows for seasonal changes to refresh your look. High-quality furniture can be passed through generations, being reupholstered, re-stained, or repainted along the way to fit the aesthetics of the current owner. We can also help clients through this process- coordinating a whole room full of fabrics on pieces to be reupholstered and new pillows to freshen the look. Furniture Classics is a wonderful place to start.