From time to time, we write about artwork.  The attached photos are just a few of our latest collections.  Market predictions are bringing bright colored accents and artwork into your home with the neutral furnishings you have.    I love these because of the corals, blues, browns, greens, buttery colors and I can feel the artist’s spirit.  She captures color so well.   Some of these are abstracts, but warm abstracts.  Of course, I love the trees with the burst of color that are more traditional. 
Some of these will be on show at the Parade of Homes Event October l5-l6 and October 22-23, address 935 Oaklawn Avenue, Winston Salem in the Buena Vista district.  All artwork, furnishings and accessories will be for sale.  A portion of the proceeds will go to “Breast Cancer Research” donated to the local chapter. 
Tips for integrating artwork into your home furnishings:  choose artwork that in some way will bring out the beauty of the art.    Repeat some of the colors of the painting in the room in pillows, other artwork or accessories.    I love beautiful paintings and I’ll often save the boldest pattern as the artwork.  They can have such an impact on a room.  Color makes people happy and I want people to feel good about themselves in their rooms.    Balancing color with a contrast, such as white,  is a good tip to use when adding forms of color to your room.

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