Ahhh, look at all the lonely lamps!!..All the loney lamps, where do they all come from? (remember that one?)

Every year June DeLugas interiors’ Retail Shoppe and Showroom has a lonely lamp sale and our customers look forward to this event. Most people buy lamps in pairs, however, occasionally lamps are sold as a single leaving the mate alone in our store. As this event nears, we start thinking about the clients we are working with and their needs. We either call or e-mail them to make sure they know that June DeLugas interiors’ biggest store event of the year is coming up February l3-l7th.
Lighting is such an important element of room design. Lamps add an ambient tone and character to corners, end tables, console tables, desks, buffets, kitchen counters and built- in shelving units. I personally have a lamp fetish. Lamps serve as pieces of art. My family room has 4 lamps, 6 cans and 2 puck lights, as well as a chandelier.