When working with clients, we try to encourage them to have more of an open vision. With most of our clients, we are trying to blend old and new with their own ideas. The old and comfortable are thrown in with something new and sparkly, like a crystal chandelier, crystal lamps or a dazzling mirror. When helping our clients, we encourage rooms that flow and have a purpose.

Luxury bedding with Vintage Pillows

For a recent client, it was her kitchen that she said everyone congregates in, no matter what. So our thoughts were to make it where life takes place; cooking, writing, talking on the phone or thinking, as we are designing it. First we draw it on paper and then we move things around about a dozen times before we come to terms on the best solution. Remodeling is also one of our specialties. As one client said, “people don’t understand you guys do it all, from drawing a plan, to choosing all the elements that go into the remodel”. Her comment reinforced my love for coming to your home to go over each detail. Let June DeLugas Interiors make your remodeling project simple.