Last week was one of those weeks that we made several deliveries to clients. Each delivery is unique and stimulating to say the least, so I was thinking I should share some of our experiences with you.

Friday started off at a home in Clemmons where we were delivering a new powder room cabinet and lighting, also adding granite, new plumbing fixtures and a new light. At this same home, the family room is also getting an update, so it was a two-fold trip for me to check on the progress of that room. In the family room, there were many things happening such as ripping out a shelving unit, adding a new mantle to the brick fireplace, as well as new paint. Phase number two will be new furniture and window treatments.

On to the second house, we delivered a King size Hickory Chair French upholstered and wooden bed. Our delivery guys had to get down on all fours to assemble this beauty!

On our third house, we delivered a new mirror for the master bedroom, a new shag rug for the daughter’s room and a new chair and ottoman for the keeping room.By the time the fourth delivery came around, it was late afternoon and we were off to the last house located on the north side of Winston where we delivered two club chairs. One of the chairs was custom built to fit the husband. He wanted a tall back, swivel chair that he could spend many hours in watching ballgames. By the way, he loved his new chair.It is always a challenge to coordinate our schedule with our clients AND delivery guys’ schedules, especially when we have four deliveries in one day!  But we always make it a point to be at all of our deliveries and installations.  If there are any problems, we can quickly deal with them on site.

We love seeing the projects we’ve been working so hard on come to completion.  It makes the stress of the deliveries well worth it!