Adding on rooms to a house can be quite challenging, and for one client, our services were “just what the doctor ordered.”  She was at her wits end when her mother brought her into our retail store/design center in Clemmons.   She explained that she felt there were problems with her architectural plans and she was having problems making decisions, so I suggested we get together and take a gander at it.  After reviewing the plan, I knew we could contribute.   We met at her house with the builder and off we went;  we reworked the plan and came up with a solution to make the new kitchen and keeping room a workable scale.    

Our challenge was to marry the current kitchen, living room, foyer, office, and living room with the addition.   All new paint colors and new furnishings were included with the drawings.  Our client began to feel better after we came on board to help her make decisions.  She has three children who were in constant demand of her attention.   We put our phone number in her speed dial and June DeLugas Interiors became her prescription of what the doctor ordered!

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