Do you have your favorite movies that you can watch over and over?  I do and a few of them are:  The Proposal, Something’s Gotta Give, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Too Close for Comfort.  Can you figure out why I like these movies?  Well, it is the houses.  With the dozens of times I have watched these movies, I see something new about the houses each time that I did not see the last time.  None of them have the same look.  The Proposal is more rustic with heavier furnishings and earthy colors, while Too Close for Comfort is staged in California and the kitchen is what I like best, with a group of windows across an entire wall for the view.   The actress works with a contractor throughout the movie to create an add-on to her home for a larger kitchen. She also owned a bakery which made you believe she loved cooking.

I had a client come in one time and tell me she wanted her house to feel like the movie Something’s Gotta Give, so I researched it and watched it so I could feel what she was feeling.  We understood, and her house turned out so lovely.  It was a new house and starting from scratch to create the mood was interesting and not that hard.   Again, the kitchen had a lot of action.  In the movie, the kitchen was classic black and white.  The living room stayed with soft blues and creams.  Since it was a set in the Hamptons, there were many beach reflective items, such as artwork and accessories.  But the furnishings were soft and relaxing.

Under the Tuscan Sun is indicative of the name and all of us can imagine Tuscany.  The actress went on a trip to Italy and ended up buying an old house to fix up and live there.    She redid the old house and made the group that did the construction her family and once again, the kitchen showcased her cooking and sharing her home with friends and her new family.

The point in watching movies that reflect home styles is to find inspiration in what you are about to do to your home.  These days, most of us have seen homes and rooms on the internet that create interest for us.  Clients will send me files they have created of looks they like.  All of this helps me create a home that will be classic for a long time for them.

With each of these movies, I always felt good at the end as well, and I think it was because you would get the feeling that family and friends were very important, and they are.

God bless,