If you read our last blog, you know we are fully enveloped in several kitchen remodels.  New cabinets, countertops, and tile are pretty much standard when upgrading your kitchen.  But what about lighting?  Recessed can lights have replaced the strip fluorescent lights that were in many kitchens in the 80s.  Pendant lights over an island increase brightness while adding visual interest. Under-counter lighting is now highly desired, as it adds both task and ambient light.

One thing to consider when choosing light fixtures is the color spectrum that is produced by various types of bulbs.  Incandescent, LED, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs each produce their own type of light.  Think about the paint section at Home Depot where you hold a paint swatch under the different types of light (another reason that picking paint colors is so difficult, but we’ll save that for another time).  Kitchens typically have several types of fixtures, and mixing different types of bulbs can produce an undesired effect.  A designer can help to coordinate all of the lighting to create a beautiful and functional kitchen!