From time to time, we talk about our dream kitchen.   My husband has become the cook so it is less important to me, but our clients are really into their kitchens.   Some of our clients really want the gleaming look of white and quartz, while others say they want more color.  I try to be realistic so that their kitchens will be classic and timeless for a very long time.  The appliances can add a bit of color these days and the island can be more colorful, too.  Appliances amaze me with the selections now available.  Blue Star has multiple color ranges and Majestic has custom colors for Induction ranges.  Imagine a Blue Star blue stove in a white kitchen.  Now that would be something to talk about.  Alternatively, what about a red Blue Star range in a country old farmhouse?  You want to make a statement, but you should also think how the house should flow seamlessly.  When making decisions like this, it would be wise to get some professional help.    Moving onto the bathroom, changing out tile is not so easy but when you do it, make sure you do your homework or get some help as well.  Are you more modern, transitional, or traditional when it comes to the master bathroom?    I would suggest heated floors, if possible, because taking a shower on a tile floor can be quite cold and the heated floor helps keep you warm.  There is also the opportunity to add an extra showerhead and sprayers in the shower, if redoing it completely.  I would consider both as essentials in your newly built shower.  A hand held sprayer will help with the cleaning of your new larger shower.    I know my clients tell me they spend a lot of time daydreaming about their dream kitchen and dream bath.  Unfortunately, they tend to put them off longer than they wanted because of the headache.

Turnkey design and implementation is the answer to your dream kitchen and bath.  Think about it.

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