I have always been a fan of juxtaposing old and new. Abstracts, florals, and geometrics blend beautifully binding the simple beauty of layered colors. My home has a collection of older art and simple abstracts from local artists. For instance, blues of contrasting shades is an easy color to layer, and you can find each of my rooms with a variation of blue. Blue and white pottery is my favorite. Look for compatible fabrics, art, mirrors, and rugs. I like to interpose with green, cream, and white to add dimension to the space. You can use green in the cording on the fabric with your blues or it can be part of the florals that you might find. One of my all-time favorites is adding blue-green pottery. Texturing your look is easier than you think. I also add the gradations of colors throughout the house to tie my blue into each room. Think about adding other textures, marbles, whicker, wood, pottery, and rugs.