LED lighting is quickly growing and becoming more affordable.  In the beginning, the light wattage would dim after a few months of use, but manufacturers have corrected most of those problems.  Types of bulbs available today are:  Halogen incandescent, CFL (compact fluorescent), LED (Light-Emitting Diode).  The halogen incandescent is very similar to the traditional household incandescent bulb, except that it is somewhat more efficient.  The CFL is more efficient still, but its use is expected to decline because of the growing popularity of LEDs.    Today, the LED bulb is the most efficient, long lasting, and often the most suitable for home lighting.  The new models look very similar to traditional bulbs.  The slightly higher up-front cost of these bulbs is mitigated by their very long life.  LED bulbs are available in different spectrums of light, ranging from warm to cool.  This can affect the ambiance of your house as well as how colors are perceived.  2700 K (Kelvin) is suggested by designers as the color choice for residential applications; it is a warm light resembling the incandescent bulbs that most of us are used to.  3000K and above is more white in color.  3300K-4000K is a cooler tone bulb which is often used in commercial and retail settings.