This is the time of year that we concentrate on the upcoming market. As always, we are excited to see new products and colors. Markets offer inspirational ideas for designers. Each of the showrooms have both the latest ideas and inspiration for us to use with upcoming projects. We love the excitement and the fun of it all. Learning is constant for designers and design firms. We are the type of people who love to make our clients happy and give them a beautiful home to boot. Classes are important in between markets so we can stay up to date with the continually changing styles in this market. It is our job, and we love the challenge. One of our favorite showrooms is Thibaut. They have it together with their fabric and wallpaper designs. Their showroom depicts a finished look and is always amazing. We love it when we order we usually receive their product right away. It allows us to move forward to expedite the project at hand for our client. When we order for our clients, we ask for an acknowledgement so that we can give our clients an idea of when their project should be finished. If you are planning changes in your home before the holidays, starting early would be beneficial and connecting with a designer is easy and now is the time.