When we think of our homes, we must also think of our lifestyles and the changes in our lives. Nothing stays the same and home design is the same. Changes happen with exteriors and interiors, and one must figure out if they will be happy with the style, they select to match their lifestyles. A previous friend and customer called us to select outdoor paint colors for her mid-century A-structure house. It is made of old brick and wood trim. She sent me photos of ideas she had seen in a magazine. We asked her only one question: Would what she liked in a photo stand out in her neighborhood? She thought about it and rode around in her more classic old neighborhood. She realized that what she liked would not blend with the neighborhood and in fact, may ruin the beautiful landscaping that they had recently accomplished. She made up her own mind with one question from us. Lifestyles and Luxury go hand in hand. Exceptional design will make your project seem like a breeze.