Design all boils down to lifestyles and what our clients need. We ask the questions and then design the solutions, implement them, and finish them. We always start with a plan and the basics. Walls, ceilings, and floors are what we consider the basics. Lighting is important in this scenario as well. I think the lighting will tell a story better than any other change. I love the lighting and all the designs available for us as a design and contracting firm. Flowing the wall color throughout with a few accent areas, like wallpaper for a bathroom or wallpaper for a ceiling in a sunroom, and other options are to accent walls of deeper colors. This was once a style from the past, but clients are open and responsive to a newer version of these details. Adding artwork and a few important antique pieces can give your home the warm inviting feeling you want. Even if I am changing a room, I consider my favorite artwork and possibly an antique to give the area a personality. We like to arrange some of our client’s favorite things into special collections in a bookcase or somewhere important in their home. Feeling fresh is important and painting a house is the first thing we do to create freshness. Think of how you live your lifestyle to curate your life for changes you would like to make.