Whether you are building a new home or updating your current home, lighting fixtures are an important aspect of interior design that are often left to the last minute. Light fixtures can define the style of your home and affect the overall ambiance of the space and should not be overlooked. Replacing outdated light fixtures in your home is an easy way to achieve a whole new look without major construction. My clients are always excited about the new options I can show them for lighting, whether they are replacing bathroom vanity lights, adding a fabulous dining room chandelier, or looking at an entire house of lighting.

While the lighting portion of your budget might need to be robust, it is well worth the investment. When it comes to “form meets function,” nothing could be truer of your lighting. From ambient to task to accent lighting, this critical part of any design project cannot be underestimated. The world of lighting is a dynamic one, with legally mandated changes occurring as we make our planet a friendlier place. The use of energyefficient LED lighting has become more affordable and has improved with function and lighting spectrums. In addition to the changes in light bulb options, we are constantly adding resources to our repertoire at June DeLugas Interiors of lighting fixtures to suit any style.

The spring and fall furniture market brings two events that we look forward to all year. The High Point Markets allows us to observe the latest trends and new products in the world of home furnishings, accessories, and especially lighting. This year because of the Pandemic, the spring market was postponed until June 2021. We in the retail and design industry have become excited about these events. We love new introductions, and we are privy before the public begins to feel the effects of new introductions. It is like the experience of opening Christmas presents – so exciting. Our adrenaline is pumping out the creative juices. We can turnkey your projects from start to finish, whether it is a bathroom/kitchen remodel or a new room of furniture, rugs, and accessories.