We just finished the High Point Market where just about every showroom touted gold finishes on lighting and furniture hardware.  Gilded and antique gold was on top of the list that I saw.  It was refreshing.  I, for one, am glad to see it come back.  We offer tremendous lighting options for new and remodeled homes alike.  With the many vendors we have, we can find about any finish you want.  It is a matter of taste and what each individual client likes.  Also, we definitely take into consideration the style of your home.

A few things we also consider with light fixtures is that we are aware of the deliberate shadows a fixture will create.  We take the opportunity to create luminosity where it is needed.    I saw a mixture of playful elements that makes traditional lighting more interesting, especially with soft gold finishes.    An amazing mix of urban lighting with wood accents, washed white fixtures, burnished silver, and chrome were also present, especially for those that have a more contemporary house in mind.  So, go for it and figure out which one you like best because it is apparent that you will be in style either way.  Globes and circles were also very popular, as well as hexagonal, geometric, mid-century modern, and antique glass.  Design your own.

We are considered the top shop around the corner for lamps and lighting and probably the best kept secret in town.  Researching lamps and lighting for clients introduces us to a variety of metals, antique brass, chrome, crystal, blue porcelain, green pottery, and off-white and white porcelain.  We can find just the right product for your home!