With just a week left until Christmas, there is lots to be done.  If you are like me, my list is a mile long.   I use my husband or anyone else I can delegate to for the help of getting the lists done.   My husband always says to me, don’t tell me, write it down.  He probably wishes he never told me that because every Saturday, the list has grown as I work on it all week.  He has five stops to make and by the time he gets home, he is exhausted.   It allows me to work at June DeLugas Interiors on client projects.  We have appointments right on up to Christmas.  We are happy to help people.  Some people are moving here from other states and others are from other towns.    We also have our ongoing clients that we are finishing up their furnishings and window treatments.  We have several remodels that we are going to start after the New Year.    You can see why my husband is an integral part of the plan.  If I need paint boards to show paint samples to the clients, he gladly paints those for us, if I write it on his list.  This past Saturday, we had boxes from new inventory that needed to go to the dumpster and guess what, it was on his list.   Everyone is taught at June DeLugas Interiors to add to the list.  There’s the list for Staples, hardware stores, and more.  Can you imagine running a business?     Your brain is like it is on steroids all the time and especially to “manage the lists.”