Looking to add a splash of color and pattern to liven and brighten your bedroom? Here are some tips to get you ready for spring and create a space that fits your personal style.

The bedroom is where people tend to spend a lot of their time unwinding, relaxing, and even curling up to enjoy a delightful book. So, creating a space that feels fresh, light, and comfortable makes an enormous difference in how you start and end your day. A combination of blues, greens, and neutrals, paired with an accent color of pink or yellow can be added. Incorporating a lighter shade of pink or yellow can make your space feel warm and welcoming, while shades of green and blue can create a sense of calmness. The marring of warmer and cooler tones can work to balance the space to create an overall appealing and welcoming appearance. If you want more color, you can personalize your space and use a more colorful bedspread and pillows contrasted against a more neutral wall and vice versa. Further including more accessories and plants, can create layers and dimensions to your space.