At the end of the day, you deserve to go home, kick off your shoes and “relax.”  Whether it is a remodeled kitchen or a new master bathroom, small changes can transform a room from cluttered to tranquil.  With the pleasure your new space can bring to your daily life, what could be more important and relevant?

At JDI, we strive to identify, define, and illustrate what your personal decorating style is and create gracious living spaces.  You should be able to feel as if your home has grown and flourished around you.  Look around your current surroundings and see what makes you the happiest? Is it photos of your family, a certain color, things you have purchased that mean a lot to you, your Mom’s dishes or the dining room table? Sometimes, the smallest items can mean the most to us.  They also bring us comfort and transform a house into a peaceful home.

Mixing different styles in the same room is relatively easy.  Furniture in a house should be able to move from room to room.  In fact, we can do this for you color wise and with formality.  I don’t like ceiling lights that are too bright, but I do love many of lamps in a room creating ambient lighting.    Ceiling lights should focus on specific pieces of art, furniture, or task lighting.

In the end, we take all of your precious things and incorporate them into a décor that is all about “living well”.  By integrating your valuable personal items with some new accessories and furniture, we can create a home for you.  A home that has the feel you desire, a place where you can relax, a room you are proud to show off, or just somewhere you can experience some peace and quiet.