Sometimes living with color can be as easy as adding a punch of your favorite color to a group of light furniture.  Or it can be adding color and living with color as an accent wall or artwork.  In the past year, we have seen sofas coming back in velvets and brighter colors.  I personally like adding a multitude of artwork in rich colors to light walls and light furniture.  We are working on a house now that will have just that.  We are slowly delivering the pieces of the puzzle and each delivery brings life to the house.  This house was painted a light, neutral color.  Flat paint will absorb light and we wanted reflection, so we used Pearl finish in Dove Wing from Benjamin Moore.  All colors will look different with the different finishes, depending on the lighting in your space.    The main thing to look at is your incoming light for the home.  All of these are different, and a bedroom painted the same color as the living room can look like night and day.  Using reflective colors cuts down on this issue.  For this house we are working on, we painted all the ceilings and trim White Dove by Benjamin Moore.  This color is slightly off white and brings softness to a room.  It helps to paint the ceilings and the trim in the same color, but in different finishes.  Keep the ceilings flat and the trim semi-gloss.

All the furniture that has been ordered for this house is all light.  Some of the rugs have color and others are also light.  We will have enough contrast in furnishings and artwork to make this house a Living with Color house.