From vintage clothes to vintage furniture, vintage is in! More and more vintage decor is taking the design world by a sweep.

Vintage style is everywhere these days and no one could be more happy to see this than June DeLugas.  A long time lover of antique furniture, linens, art work and table ware June is thrilled to see others appreciating items she has always adored.  Even grocery store aisles are being stocked with retro or old school versions of their products.  Not only do shabby chic styles make us feel comfortable and ready to nest this winter, vintage fabrics and prints remind us of the time before black berries and blogs.  One can justify splurging on a vintage purchase because they are practicing green design by using something from the past.  Drop by our store and design center and check out our collection of vintage pillows and prints and be inspired by our mix of old and new pieces.