Design isn’t all fun and games.  There is a back side to it.  We received in a huge shipment of art and accessories from our recent Atlanta market trip, so of course, we unboxed all the wonderful accessories, rugs and lighting right away.  That was the fun part!  After all the madness of unboxing, we were left with a pile of cardboard to clean up.  So, there is a dirty side to design.  We dispose of our packaging properly and recycle what we can, because we do care about our environment. Loading a large light fixture that would not fit the back of the Suburban was quite the challenge.  Our solution was to take it out of the box to get it in the car.   We did not want to damage it and needed to get it to our client’s home that the electrician was waiting to hang.   We finally decided it was best to leave the light resting in the Styrofoam box, and voila!  It fit!

Our client’s see the pretty side of the completed projects, but we deal with the inside problems of making it all work.  Every project offers us a unique opportunity to create something beautiful for our clients.  Whether it’s a renovation, remodel, or even just a powder room update, we represent our passion for design in all that we do.  We re-imagine spaces with fresh color, luxurious fabrics, and a mix of modern and antiques.  So, let us do the “dirty” work for you and you can sit back and enjoy the results once complete.

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