When you think of comfort and beauty, what do you envision?  For me, walking into a room means finding an inviting place to sit.  If there is no place to sit comfortably, I am not going to stay there very long, no matter how pretty the room is.  People will use the room if it is inviting.  Rooms that are lived in become more beautiful and people feel like they are welcome.

Clients often do not realize how important upholstery is to a room.  The style and scale of upholstery pieces can anchor the room and define the comfort of the space.  We typically start with a conversational group around the fireplace.  Even in a very large room, we can create a sense of intimacy.  In a living or family room, we select variations of color and texture to create a sense of agreement among all the different elements.  We might choose the same fabric for chairs and a different fabric for the sofa.  The boldness of accent pillows, artwork, and accessories are important to perceive comfort visually.

In order to decide what each room needs, we help clients think about how they’re going to live in their house so that we can utilize each space efficiently.  We go beyond decorating; we want a client’s home to express who they are and how they live.  This means choosing furnishings and fabrics that are not only beautiful, but are tailor-made to fit our client’s lifestyle.  Many factors can influence our design choices such as having small children, frequently entertaining guests, having pets, or working from home.

While an architect is needed to deal with structural issues, an interior designer is needed to focus on the individual rooms.  If we get the details right, the client will feel happier and more comfortable in their home.  It is our job to make you feel like you never want to leave.  We want to make decisions on your home that relates specifically to you, and then you will feel completely at home in it.

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