With more and more people working from home, they are investing in comfortable chairs and good lighting. You may want to have a Zoom meeting in the living room and sit comfortably while talking. Some of our clients have requested that we find a space for a private office that they did not need before. We process and look for enough space that we can create their office. In today’s world, not as many file cabinets are needed for an office since file storage is used on their computers in Cloud Storage, but we do find most want some filing. We offer desks with one file drawer or create a cabinet with a separate file drawer, something that looks like a piece of furniture. Custom design gets us where we need to be to fill our customer’s needs. We have the sources.  Finishes are not the exception to what we can do. We created an accent wall for an office we designed. It was a lovely idea. Everyone that comes in sees it because it is right off the foyer. The wallpaper created a dimensional effect for a small office. An open desk with a small file drawer on each side and a pencil drawer in the middle is all the client needs. He also told us he spends most of his time in a comfortable chair in the living room, watching a little tv relaxing while working, and working while relaxing. What a concept! We have it made these days. The only aspect of this scenario is social life suffers. Treat yourself to a few luxury chairs in your family room. You will be surprised that it is well worth the investment.