Fall colors are in full spectrum in the North Carolina mountains and I was privy to take a trip on Friday to Sparta, NC. Our client lives on top of a mountain. In addition to the trees changing colors, I came upon a pumpkin farm as I was driving back down the mountain. The depth was as if I were looking into a View-Master. If you don’t know what a View-Master is, it was a toy we could look through with rotating pictures to see mountain views as children. In other words, the view was magical. I drove 35 mph most of the way down so I could look at everything. Farmhouses sprinkled the hills with colorful rooftops and fences. Sound wonderful? Well even the air was clear and fresh and cooler by ten degrees. Certainly, a dream come true for those fortunate enough to live where what seems to be a more simplistic life than the hustle and bustle of city life. My mind is now bursting with ideas for selecting artwork for all the homes we are working on and a magical View-Master comes to mind.