What I mean by this topic is mixing Contemporary fabrics with Traditional. This combination radiates comfort and appeal for homes. Guests can’t figure it out, but they say, “Your house is so warm” or “Your home is so inviting”. For me, I study each home for the beauty of the architecture. I wonder what their thoughts were and how interesting some of the details are. My eyes and mind start immediately creating a memory of what I see and what I perceive as their style. Sometimes there will be one piece that seems overwhelmingly out of place. Do I tell her, or do I wait for her to tell me she does not like it? I wait and see what all the project involves, and I reserve my opinion unless I am asked, most of the time. Sometimes I can’t help myself. Recently I was at a new home installing window treatments and my client told me the art that she purchased from me years ago was going to be hung on each side of the TV. A pair of beautifully framed original artwork. She held it up for me as if she wanted my opinion. I had to decide whether to bite my tongue or tell her that I had an opinion. She said she wanted my opinion. So, I gave her my reasons for not separating the art beside the TV on such a long wall. But either way, the client should love what they do. I do see tradition more and more returning because it is warmer. However, it is easy to interject contemporary abstract paintings and awesome contemporary fabrics with your basic traditional furniture. I love it when we have a few antiques to mix in. Sometimes they are painted and sometimes stained. Either one exudes warmth and usually is interesting pieces. If you are ready to bring your traditional style to life, add pops of bright colors with contemporary fabrics. Making Traditional Contemporary will be fun and free-spirited. Give it a try.

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