Every client we work with normally has different expectations and realities.  The process of design allows us to find the marriage between two main components for each residence.  Some require comfort in a more intimate setting.  Others require logic yet sometimes logic is not always the aesthetic way to go. But one thing is for sure, we always come to terms with and listen to our clients.  To understand a client is to hear one’s hopes and dreams.  We start to feel what the house and the client are telling us.  Sometimes it is an old soul and other times there are no vibes from the home.  One thing is for sure, the architecture whether old or new will guide you to a happy medium.   We tell our clients all the time that we can feel colors and scale in their homes.  We can look at a space and immediately know how big the chandelier should be over a dining room table or how large the pendants should be over the island.  It is inherent.  Material realities could be to change out of all the light fixtures or a few minor changes with rugs and pillows.  Remember textures, whether metal, wood, or fabrics are what tells the design story.  We start with the story and layer these elements.  We continue the process and create balance.  Sometimes mixing vintage with new or something from Grandma with new is the marriage that a client is happy with creating material realities.

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