Color is culture, geography, emotion, memory atmosphere, and so much more.    Color is so important to decisions on every design project we begin and is one of design’s most powerful tools.  Arguably it’s the most mysterious, personal, and complex of all design decisions.  Sometimes we use one color hue for an entire house such as Classic Gray, or shades of blue or green.  It can be a peaceful and soothing or an exciting psychological trigger.  The perplexing truth is color can, and does, change depending on the environmental factors.    For instance, gray can appear blue in certain lights and different houses,  I am careful to tell clients this.  Some beige colors can look gray and then more yellow on sunny days.    We, as designers, like to put boards on different walls at different times of the day to see what changes will happen.  No matter what you do, one wall can look different than another depending on the time of day.   Call a professional for help with colors.