What about a new rug, wallpaper, artwork, lighting, or furniture?   After finishing market, we are pumped at the sources we were able to pick up.  Rugs are so important to your room design and your home.  Today, most homes have some hardwood flooring and need rugs.  To find rugs, it is a struggle for most.   To plan an entire room for clients, we normally start with the rug.  That is the easier way since it is the hardest part of the end result when planning.  We have so many samples at our retail store and design shop.  Therefore, it is easier for us than most to pull a room together.   Home décor has become so exciting over the years with so many options for colors.  I never thought wallpaper would come back, but it has and in a big way.  Big, bold, and beautiful prints come in a variety of colors, and we are receiving new wallpaper books for the Spring.  Our store in Clemmons has started receiving new accent home décor pieces, such as orchids, pillows, lamps, and accessories.  To receive new boxes, it is exciting and inspiring to see all the new “eye candy”.  Look for your inspiration when starting a project in your home.  A professional will help you make wise decisions and cost savings to boot.