The word reimagine is easy to understand but not everyone has that ability. Some people have the ability to add numbers all day long and some have the skill of saving lives, but others have the ability to reimagine. I listen to clients when they give me their ideas because I find other ideas interesting. Getting inside a client’s head is sometimes challenging. People see almost everything differently than one another. That is why as a design firm, we create a road map of what we propose for their homes. Whether we create renderings by hand or by computer, it helps us both see exactly the same perspective of the room or rooms we are working on.

My father encouraged me to reimagine by watching him figure out how to recreate a wall he saw with paint or how to create a part for the lawnmower to fix it. Yes, the engineer’s mind that could work on cars, fix a lawnmower, or paint a faux finish wall was my creative father. Both my brothers had creative minds as well. My younger brother loved to draw, and he also loved music. He still plays his guitar at a local church. My older brother was a mechanical wizard, like my father, but also loved to write poetry for his girlfriend. Creativity has many forms of genius. We tell our clients that we see their homes in 3D and that is the truth. Once we know the direction we are going, our minds go to work. We never stop reimagining.

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