Color is one of the ways to express what you are trying to achieve with the design of any room.  This room was a little more challenging due to the size of the room and a bookshelf covering the entry wall encroaching upon valuable space.   On the opposite side of the room was a large window.  The couple did not know what the room had been used for, but it was perfect for their new baby on the way.

After asking many questions to determine what the couple thought they wanted, we came up with a plan of action.   A new bed was ordered and bedding purchased.  From the bedding we chose paint colors, an area rug, the fabric for the draw drape window treatment, and a ribbon tape for the leading edge of the curtain.  The ribbon tape pulled in one of the blues from the new bedding, thus blending the whole theme together.  The husband’s parents kept all of his old toys.  The 30 year old toys and the husband’s original Dr. Seuss books were carefully placed on the shelving that was also painted blue.   The three walls were all painted Feather Down by Benjamin Moore, as well as the trim.  For the bookshelf wall, the same blue was carried from top to bottom including the trim.  The ceilings are 8’ and this would give the illusion of taller and bigger.

The baby is not due for a few more months, but the room is ready!

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