We are very excited to go to market this week to see all the new introductions, try out furnishings, and continue our education.  High Point offers educational classes from Sherwin Williams for paint colors.   Other classes are seminars by speakers with different subject matters.  Generally, we are moving between the showrooms looking forward to what the next showroom presents.   This year we have been privy to introductions through emails and videos. The colors to be thinking about are browns, golds, soft blues, rusts, and earth tones.   We have already planned a basement with these exact colors for the theme.  It was refreshing to find the right color combinations.  Our client had new LVT light floors and replaced her stonework around the fireplace with a lighter stone.   The basement den, an open area with two large walls, and a bedroom were rooms where we were concentrating on.  The client needed a desk and bookcases, rug, serving armoire for coffee and drinks, end tables, sectional sofa, rug, side chair, and end tables.   With working from home becoming the standard these days, he needed his own space to work.   Our client requested a storage piece of furniture for clothing and a side chair for guests to put on their shoes.   We measured the space carefully as we always do, put together a strategic plan, and presented the selections and space planning to her.   She loves everything and we moved forward to place all the orders.

Look for photos next week to peek at what we see at markets.