Maximum color, texture, and edge are what we are receiving in our data from the upcoming fall market. We are obviously excited to see what our manufacturers are introducing. Since we are a turnkey design firm (including remodel), we are involved in all sorts of projects. Never a dull moment. It has been a crazy world of design and renovation and fall is showing no signs of letting up. We are not complaining. We are thankful and grateful for the huge interest in all things home. Most contractors we know are still booked up and our suppliers are busy trying to get us product. We are patient and wait for the right product when remodeling. All too often, the right pendant is out of stock and the search goes on. But when all of it comes in, we start the project and finish the project. Everyone is happy. Your home is our ultimate destination. Comfort is king and a quiet, casual elegance reign supreme. Remember decisions, decisions for the New Look of Decorating.