Thankfully, building and home values are at long last on the rise.  Perhaps 2013 is the time to reinvest in your nest.  While your family may not be ready to sell, it’s never too late to begin to update your home.  Not only will a remodel increase the value of your home when it comes time to relocate, if you begin projects now, rather than letting them accumulate, you won’t be overwhelmed when the time does comes.  Furthermore, why not enjoy your home at its full potential now rather than delaying and getting everything perfect just before moving.

The first step is to hire a professional to coordinate your project, assist you in making selections, and managing sub-contractors.  Designers can save you both time and money because they have the experience and resources necessary for your project and they can help you avoid costly mistakes that can ruin your budget quickly.  A designer is also someone who can look at your home objectively.  While you see your home every day, you can become so used to seeing things a certain way it is often difficult for you to really see the problems and the potential lurking in your home.  If you don’t believe me, try this simple exercise: take a photo of a room in your home and then look at it later with a fresh pair of eyes.  By doing this, you will get a better idea of the original impression a visitor gets when seeing the room for the first time.

Next, create a priority list of rooms that need updating.  There are certain areas in your house that are likely to pay off more than others when you remodel. The kitchen is usually the most expensive room to redo, however it also brings the most return on your investment.  New cabinets, lighting, and counter tops can create a kitchen you may never want to leave.  Talk to any real estate agent, and they’ll agree that the kitchen will often “sell” a house.  It is the heart of the home, where everyone gravitates.  The next areas to consider are the bathrooms, where outdated fixtures often leave a bad impression.

While some projects may take a great deal of time and money, other improvements can be made with little of either.  A color change to the exterior or an interior room of your home can make a dramatic impact on the feel of your home.  Most of us don’t wear the same colors we wore ten years ago and your home is no different.  2013 is the time to update your largest investment.  Reinvest in your nest.

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