Most of you know that I love mixing antiques with whatever style your house may be. Using antiques successfully in the contemporary home is both a question of arrangement and a matter of style. I use the juxtaposition of the most desirable accessories that a client may have on hand. It is a daunting task to create a cohesive overall look from an eclectic mix of items.

Most designers have their own individual style, but what we all have in common is we are not bound by conventional rules. I will use an antique next to something new haphazardly and it just seems to make sense. Each piece must be able to both stand on its own merits and combine well with the other pieces, and choosing such furnishings requires an experienced eye.

My travels to Atlanta for market to purchase items for the store or customers usually turns into several extra stops at antique stores around town. The big gigantic antique market that normally falls on the same week that the Gift Mart does calls out to me as well. How convenient. Since I lived there in the 80’s, I know a few things about where to look for the best stuff.

Attached are a few photos of some of the pieces we have in our store. Enjoy.