Obviously, we believe in making your home a place you can go home to and love being home.  Everyone that knows us understands we love a mixture of old and new, proportion, color, texture, and composition.  When we start a project with clients, we tell them that their home is our canvas.  Color, whether in fabric, furnishings, art, or walls are craved by most clients.  Some clients tell us they are modern and bright, while others tell us they want comfort, style, and traditional.  Once clients start working with us, they realize no matter the style, we can make it unique and theirs.  We love all styles.   One of the most asked question with our clients is, “how do I make this house lighter”.   Most cannot imagine that simple paint colors in the light reflective family will lighten a house.  Another question we get asked is if the ceilings should be white or not.  If the house is dark, the ceilings should always be white, so the ceilings do not absorb the light.  If you have a great, big open space and tall ceilings, then those are the ones that could benefit from a little more color.  My favorite is the trim color, and sometimes that is more off white, ex. White Dove by Benjamin Moore.   Add artwork that delights you and you will never tire of it.  The finishing touches are what makes a home.  Remember the feeling you had with your childhood home?  Recreate your best memories and what you will get is No Place Like Home.

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